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TeamQuest is a high and low challenge course located on the campus of the University of Richmond. Unlike a traditional ropes course, the Odyssey Course can accommodate up to 60 people at once without waiting for turns as teams work together through each event. The day starts with "on the ground" team building activities before teams of up to 15 people take on multiple team challenges from 20 to 40 feet in the air. Teams work together through four to eight different challenges learning through each experience and applying that learning to the next challenge. Enlightening debriefing sessions encourage teams to review their strategies and set goals to make upcoming challenges more successful. Up to 120 people can participate in the program, which lasts between four and seven hours. The program only takes place at Signature Teambuilding's Odyssey Course at the University of Richmond.

4 - 7 hours
10 - 120
$1,000 / group

Minimum Group Price


Additional Pricing Info

TeamQuest is $125 per person for corporate or business teams and $100 per person for non-profit or government teams, before applying the OccasionGenius discount.


This business is available for private events year round.

What's Included



Bug Spray


Add-ons & Upgrades


Lunch is available for teams scheduled for programs that extend over a mealtime.


The program only takes place at Signature Teambuilding's Odyssey Course at the University of Richmond.

Food & Alcohol

Outside catering is welcome.


TeamQuest is a purposeful, outcome-based team building program that is customized to each group's goals and objectives.  TeamQuest is specifically designed to foster personal empowerment, trust, support and effective teamwork.

FAQs (5)

Do you have to be fit to participate?

No, TeamQuest does have a physical component but if a person can climb two flights of stairs, they should be able to fully participate.

I have a pre-existing injury, can I still participate?

Each person is given the opportunity to participate at a level that is most comfortable for him/her. We explain ALL risks and hazards and give each person the choice about how to participate. Even if someone cannot physically participate in an activity, they can still fulfill an important role on the team.

What is the format of a TeamQuest program ?

Each TeamQuest program is customized to meet the needs of the participants and the goals of the group. Generally, 2/3 of the time is spent on the ground doing team problem solving initiatives and 1/3 is spent in the Odyssey Course.

Have you ever had an injury?

TeamQuest has had more than 500,000 participants over the last 36 years. There have been scrapes, abrasions, and a few twisted ankles but no severe incidents.

What are the qualifications of your facilitators?

All facilitators must complete a comprehensive 40+ hour intensive training program and serve as an apprentice for six months before taking groups on their own. The training exceeds industry standards set for by the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

Testimonials (1)

Corporate Outing/Event

Three months after our TeamQuest program, we are still seeing the benefits. I thought I had a realistic idea about what could be achieved in this one-day experience but it exceeded all of our expectations. A TeamQuest day is something that ALL teams in any organization should experience.

Bill B., Capital One (Email/Correspondence)

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Signature Teambuilding
22 Westhampton Way, Univeristy of Richmond, VA
120 person max
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