Our new genius email matches you with cool weekend events and out-of-the-box activities.

Our new genius email matches you with cool weekend events and out-of-the-box activities.

Date Night

5 Romantic Spots in RVA

Try taking your other half to these overlooked places in Richmond, and check out the OccasionGenius directory for more date night ideas.

1. Saison 

Saison restaurant dining space

Saison is a quaint little restaurant known for its modern twists and savory cocktails. Nestled in Jackson Ward, it offers an intimate ambiance of comfort and relaxation. The dim lights and many windows create a romantic environment to enjoy a nice evening together with your SO.

Learn more about Saison here.

2. Scuffletown Park 

Bench and garden at Scuffletown Park

Scuffletown Park is located on Stawberry Street in the Fan District. It's a cute pocket park conveniently located close to a few cafés. In the warm weather, it's a great place to relax and enjoy conversation and quality time with that special someone.  

Learn more about Scuffletown Park here.

3. Lucy’s Restaurant

Lucy's Restaurant dining space

Lucy’s Restaurant, located on 2nd Street in Historic Jackson Ward, is a cute place to go for any meal. Lucy’s can seat up to 40 guests at its tables, booths or bar. They specialize on local and fresh ingredients, and can accommodate both vegans and meat lovers. The atmosphere is a pleasant and homey, making it easy for all guests to enjoy a meal with friends or a date.

Learn more about Lucy’s Restaurant here.

4. Maymont  

Statue and pond at Maymont Garden

Maymont is an American Estate with beautiful landscapes, animal exhibits, and historic estate tours. It can provide a romantic date environment with its Italian or Japnese gardens. Guests can walk around the park or soak up the sun and enjoy being in nature. 

Learn more about Maymont here.

5. Libby Hill Park 

View from Libby Hill Park

Libby Hill Park provides a cute and romantic place to see downtown Richmond from atop the hill. Visiting the site is peaceful and a great spot for a picnic with your SO. The Libby Hill Park view gets even prettier every night at sunset, and will impress anyone.

Learn more about Libby Hill Park here.


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