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Charlotte Spotlight

Sky High Sports

A spotlight with a local expert who brings a fun and unique way to get fit in Charlotte. Meet the rockstars behind Sky High Sports!
Meet the Sky High Sports team that's bringing locals health, wellness and fun. They are the one stop shop trampoline park that’s changing the game by adding laser tag to their arsenal of experiences!
Sky High Sports Q&A: Terry
Question: Introduce yourself and your team! 
Terry: Sky High Sports is the original Charlotte Trampoline Park which opened it's door in Dec. 2011. We purchased Sky High Sports in Nov. 2014.
Question: Why did you decide to open your own business? 
Terry: We purchased Sky High Sports in Nov. 2015. My family was looking for a small business opportunity that would include health, wellness, and fun. We were also interested in providing meaningful employment for people looking for an interactive and fun work experience. Whether it is a first job while in high school, a job to help with college or tech school expenses, or our summer intern position, Sky High Sports provides a great employment opportunity.
Question: What is your favorite experience you offer and why?
Terry: There are so many wonderful experiences at Sky High Sports but I am thrill to have opened Fort 485 Tactical Laser Tag inside Sky High Sports. I like to describe it as a paintball arena that we moved inside! The taggers are unique and quite realistic and the arena is a combat-style adventure mission set up. It combines fun, skill, strategy and team work. It is a great corporate team-building activity as well as an interesting add on to your jump time. We offer Fort 485 Laser Tag Parties and they sell out quickly. 
Question: What does your brand mean to you?
Terry: Sky High Sports is a trampoline park franchise with most of the parks being on the west coast. Currently, Sky High Sports CLT is the only park on the east coast and is one of the largest parks with the most attractions.
Question: If someone were to start to begin the entrepreneurial process, what advice would you give them?
Terry: If you are considering opening a small business, do your homework and find something you love and coincides with your values and interests.
Question: A message for locals?
Terry: Charlotte area residents and visitors should stop by Sky High Sports Trampoline Park and Fort 485 Laser Tag for a tremendous experience and to meet our warm friendly staff. 

Interested in getting active with Sky High Sports or just want to try something new? Check out Sky High Sport's every day offerings and if you’re looking to plan an epic team outing or private event, you can check out their private event offerings here!


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