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How To Genius

How To Use OccasionGenius' Poll Feature

OccasionGenius is not only used to find ideas for every occasion but makes event planning easier. Here’s one of the ways we put the genius in OccasionGenius.

Planning an event is hard, especially when it means trying to please everyone. Getting every team member to agree on one activity requires a lot of effort and often includes extremely passive aggressive email chains. That’s why we decided to create our polling feature. Say goodbye to tension in the office and hello to fun team events!

Find Ideas

First step to using our polling feature is to browse! Finding ideas you think your group would like is almost as fun as actually participating in the event. OccasionGenius has tons of local ideas to choose from to ensure that every member in your group has a good time! You can look for fun ideas in our Team Outings and Group Fun categories for ideas for fun experiences away from the office, Team Development and Corporate Events for facilitated team workshops and company wide events, and our Spaces category for spaces for special occasions, like holiday parties.

Save Your Favorites

The next step is to save your favorites! Pick the ones that you think you and your group would like to do and save by clicking on the hearts at the top of the listings. This will save the listing to your "Saved Ideas," which you can find in the top right corner. Listings include pricing information, a description of the activity and the logistics of an event (location, mobile, catering information). If a listing happens to not have all the information you need, you can easily contact the business through the "Ask a Question" form or you can view their phone number and give them a call. 

Create Your Poll

Once you’ve saved your fave’s, it’s time to create your poll. Scroll over your “Saved Ideas” and you will be able to create a personalized poll. Create a fun name and send it out! Each member will be able to view the ideas you’ve saved and then vote on their favorites. Once the votes are in, you are ready to message the business. You can either reach a business through the polling feature or directly through their listing. Work with the business to create an event to remember and your job is done! 

OccasionGenius makes planning events fun and easy. So next time you are planning a team outing, bachelor or bachelorette party or any special occasion try out our polling feature to make things easier!  


OccasionGenius is a smarter way to discover what’s going on in your town. We make it fun and easy to find local ideas for your next adventure, date, party or group outing.

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