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5 DIY Birthday Party Decorations


The Pinterest-verse is rich with ideas, and this time around the crew at OccasionGenius rounded up some interesting DIY birthday party decoration ideas that will spruce up any birthday party

I Scream, You Scream!

Turn regular old balloons into fun ice cream cones! Get balloons filled with helium attached to strings from your favorite party store, and use cellophane tape to attach cone pieces made from cut up pieces of construction paper.

To find out how these were made, check out this article on Lindsay Ann Bakes.

Fireplace Redux

If you have a fireplace in your home, why not try this unique take on decorating? Fill up the fireplace with different sizes of balloons intricately taped together till it decoratively overflows. Throw in other trinkets specific to your theme, and there you have it! An interesting decorative piece for your party space

Check out this idea on Pinterest!


Create a colorful arch around the dessert table with balloons and other decorative items like confetti and flowers. Use colors that complement the party theme colors.

Read about this idea and more on Princess Pinky Girl


Create a theme specific banner to invite your guests to the party. This one pictured below is for a Star Wars themed party. This would be a fun way to add your own flair to your decorations!

You can either make these on your own or check out this website for these printables.

Throw Some Garland On it!

With this trendy garland you'll "light up" the room. All it takes is some construction paper and string!

For more detailed instructions check out this garland blog on Studio DIY.

Header Image: Bloglovin'


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