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Charlotte Spotlight

Charlotte Brews Cruise

A spotlight with a local expert who brings a unique way to explore Charlotte's craft beer scene. Meet the beer expert behind Charlotte Brews Cruise!

If you live in or have ever visited Charlotte then you know that you are in a craft beer town. There are breweries in about every part of the city and most restaurants are giving locals a small taste of the craft beer scene. But the best way to learn about local beers is to take a tour! Charlotte Brews Cruise offers a behind the scene look at Charlotte’s best breweries and samples of their finest brews.

From Horse Drawn Tours to Brew Hoppin’

The man behind Charlotte Brews Cruise is owner and operator Scott Coggins. Scott has always worked in tourism and is well rounded in all aspects of the industry. Tours by foot, van, bicycle, segway, horse-drawn and more, Scott’s given about every type of tour known to man in every corner of the U.S.!

Scott soon realized that home was calling his name and he found himself back in North Carolina. According to Scott, he had been showing off everyone else’s back yard and it was time to come back and show off his own. When he arrived in Charlotte he saw some activity in the tourism field, but there was room for more and he decided to find a niche.

Before Charlotte Brews Cruise there was Copperline Tours, which Scott opened in 2012. The tours offered a private trip to different destinations in the Carolina’s. After getting the company off the ground, he decided it was time to focus on the finer things in life, craft beer! So Scott decided to merge to his two loves, tourism and craft beer and created Charlotte Brews Cruise.

Can't Pick Just One

If you ever get the chance to ask Scott which brewery on his tour is his favorite, you won’t be surprised with his answer! He explains that picking a favorite brewery is like choosing a favorite child and with all the amazing breweries in Charlotte we can’t blame him. Each one has something completely different and unique to offer, and we agree when Scott says that there is something he enjoys from all the breweries in town.

Hard Work Pays Off

When opening Charlotte Brews Cruise Scott wanted to make sure that the experience he created for locals and tourists would be not only fun but worth every penny. Scott has ensured that his tours will deliver on the high expectations they set. No shortcuts, no easy way out. Scott was patient and allowed his business to grow organically to the level of success they are at now.

Scott’s message for locals is that “our tours aren’t just for tourists!" Scott and his team love having locals on board and says that he can’t count the number of times he's had a local on a tour who said, “I had no idea this was here” or “oh, I’ve never even heard of this place.” Scott and his team are craft beer and brewery experts, so take a tour and learn something new about the Queen City!

Interested in getting boozy on a brews cruise or just want to try all of Charlotte's craft beers? Check out Charlotte Brews Cruises public tours here and if you’re looking to plan an epic team outing or private event, you can check out their private event offerings here!


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