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Best Guys Night Out Ideas in Charlotte, NC

No description necessary. Cause as we all know, Saturdays are for the boys.

Charlotte is a guy’s town. You’ve got football, craft beer, great bars and racing, what more could you want? So round up your wolf pack because these are our favorite guys night out ideas.  

Burgers & Bourbon

You can’t have a night out with the guys without starting off by fueling up and staying hydrated and by that we mean, burgers and bourbon. At Cowbell Burger and Whiskey Bar you will find the oasis you’ve been searching for. With 14 gourmet burgers on their menu and over 150 whiskeys to try, you’ll be in for the long haul.

Shoot, Aim, Fire

Looking to practice your aim and add a little competition to your guys night? Check out Blackstone Shooting Sports for some serious friendly fire. With 9 lanes, 25 yards each, you will be able to try out handguns, shot guns and rifles of all kinds. And don’t worry if this is your first time, they’ve made is easy for all skill levels to test their abilities and have a fun and safe experience.

Craft Beers Make You Hoppy

Charlotte might as well be the craft beer capital of the world with all the breweries popping up, and sometimes it can be hard to make it to all of them in one day. So instead of ubering from brewery to brewery, try taking a Brews Cruise. Charlotte Brews Cruise lets you try all of Charlotte’s best local breweries and plus, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at how you favorite brew is made. So let someone take the reins on this one and sit back and enjoy a couple cold ones.

Get Your Game On

If you and your guys want to relive the good ol’ days then head to Abari for a trip to the past. Abari has any and every arcade game you could want from Ms. PacMan to Mario Kart. They also have a "living room" set up with vintage consoles and your favorite classic games. Can you say throwback to your mom's basement? At least this time it's even better because their bar is fully stocked with local craft beers and hand made cocktails.

Need for Speed

No guys day is complete without a little competitive edge, so grab a helmet, buckle your seatbelts and head over to Victory Lane Karting for a night of speed. At Victory Lane Karting you will be able to race against each other, bumper to bumper of course, in their massive go karting arena. Once you’ve successfully bumped each other into whiplash, head over to the Pit Road Bar and Grill for some local craft beers.

So wherever your night out may take you, make sure your doing it with your best guys by your side and a craft beer in hand.


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