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Charlotte Spotlight


A spotlight with a local expert who brings a twisted and fun way to get fit in Charlotte. Meet the rockstars behind AerialCLT!

Meet the AerialCLT team, that's shakin' up the Charlotte scene with their aerial arts. They specialize in silks, lyra and trapeze and it's their guarantee that no pull up is required to begin training! To put it in their own words, AerialCLT is a group of "bada$$ humans working to crush all the bad chatter that our brains tend to create by flying in the air and hanging upside down."

Aerial CLT Q&A: Amy

Question: Introduce yourself and your team!

Amy: We are AerialCLT, a Charlotte group of badass humans working to crush all the bad chatter that our brains tend to create by flying in the air and hanging upside down.

Question: Why did you decide to open your own business?

Amy: Long story short, the gym I went to needed a new aerial instructor. I was training all the time and I have a degree in education so I decided to merge my two loves and begin teaching aerial silks. Classes grew extremely fast and the rest is history.

Question: When did you start your first business?

Amy: My very first business began in 2006, I was a traveling music teacher. AerialCLT was founded in 2012.

Question: Which is your favorite, silks, trapeze or lyra? And why?

Amy: We each have or own specialty that we feel most connected to. They oddly fit our personalities and style of teaching.

Question: What does your brand mean to you?

Amy: Not to be too cheesy, but our key words are love and community. Through our classes and teaching, we work to find love for ourselves, love for each other, and through that we are able to build a supportive community of people that holds everyone accountable. Every single class you attend, it is filled with cheerleaders, not competitors.

Question: If someone were to start to begin the entrepreneurial process, what advice would you give them?

Amy: Find any way possible to grow your business without debt. Sublet from a local business that has a spare corner to share with you, work out of your home, start online only, etc. Throwing money at something does not guarantee success but it will guarantee that your journey will be far more stressful than it really needs to be. That stress will detract from your mission.

Question: A message for locals?

Amy: Charlotte is the best and we love it here. We could not imagine a better city to share our passion with.

Interested in swinging into fitness with Aerial CLT or just want to try something new? Check out AerialCLT's public class schedule here and if you’re looking to plan an epic team outing or private event, you can check out their private event offerings here!


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